Deportation Farce

Let’s be very clear, the President & CEO of the USHCC has more political power in his baby finger, then Trump will ever have. Who does Trump think he’s fooling? Oh, by bad, he’s fooling those Americans suffering from Hispanophobia. I get it and so does Trump.

Then there’s old lies cast long shadows, Ben Carson. Come to think of it, lying is just one of the prerequisities of becoming a Republican. So, Ben Carson, you’ve done good.

Big pimpin, spending G’s, Marco Rubio, how does your bank account grow? With Quid Pro Quo, that’s how.   WTF, Rubio, do you really believe that Americans will elect another Fox to guard the hen house? Maybe you should go work on Wall Street, just sayin!

News flash, Income Equality is already here coupled with a $15 dollar minimum wage law. Say what you want Republicans, but who cares?