Aggressive Bitch Ass Drivers

Fuck you and that speed demon vehicle you came ridin’ in on. Enquiring minds wanna know, “Why is it that most aggressive drivers buy trucks or SUV’s?” Is it because they think the bigger the vehicle the more they own the road. Well, I have some bad news for you bitches, you don’t own the road and trying to intimidate other drivers by tailgating is a sign that you’re probably still sucking on your mother’s tits.

WTF, do you really think the speed limit laws don’t apply to you? Yeah, I’m talkin’ to those speed demons on the road doing seventy miles per hour when the speed limit is fifty-five or less. And, no, I’m not talkin’ about driving on the freeway. Don’t get me started on that crazy shit. 😉

How fuckin’ stupid are you speed demons? Pretty damn stupid if you ask me. There you are tailgating me, then passing me in a huff only to be stopped at the next light. Yeah, I’m LMAO seeing your stupid ass waiting at the next stop light. Not only are you wasting your gas but you’re probably fucking up your brakes and for what? To get to the next stop light before me?

Hey jerkoff, you’re putting my safety and well-being at risk by using your vehicle as a weapon when you’re tailgating me. Oh, my bad, did I hurt your feelings? A fuck I don’t give. And don’t give me your sorry ass excuses for tailgating me and other drivers because there aren’t any excuses except you’re a bonafide asshole.

FYI, speed demon bitches,

According to research by the Highways’ Agency, tailgating is a contributing factor in more than one-third of all crashes on the road and is one of our top causes of car accidents.

I know you don’t care about yourself, so I know you don’t give a fuck about me because you’re an asshole. So, again, I say to you, ‘Fuck you and that speed demon vehicle you came ridin’ in on.” 

Now that I got that off my chest…;-)

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