Coronavirus Is A Bitch

Yeah, instead of being at the Casino right now, I’m at home blogging. Why? Because of the coronavirus. Seriously, I won’t continually put my family at risk, especially my granddaughters. I’m their babysitter.

I’m pissed, but I’m also at peace too. Let me explain. I woke up this morning, realized that I was being selfish, and made the decision to stay away from the casinos. Not permanently, but Lord knows when I’ll go back. It won’t be easy staying away, but at least I won’t feel guilty.

It’s bad enough that people are allowed to smoke cigarettes inside the Casinos where I live, so technically I’m already taking a risk breathing in second hand smoke. Trust me, that makes me question my own sanity. I don’t need to double down on destruction behavior.

What will I do to occupy my time? Good question, but no answer.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Casino Life Interrupted. 😎