I Forgive Those Who Trespassed Against Me

Well, not all the time, I’ll admit, I too seek revenge against those who’d trespassed against me. So, know this, I’m not as white as the driven snow. Knowing that, imma be honest, “If anyone has a problem with the Black Lives Matter movement, he/she should take their concerns to Jeb Bush and the NRA. In 2005, Jeb Bush jumped into bed with the NRA and gave birth to, “Stand Your Ground,”, it paved the way for racist gun owners to hunt and kill people of color. However, when a Black teenager was hunted and killed by a racist gun owner, and he (racist gun owner) used the, Stand Your Ground,” law to his advantage, Black Lives Matter was conceived¬†.”¬†Listen, I’ll break it down in biblical terms, BLM is David, and the NRA is Goliath. You know how this story ends.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that honors everyone’s worthiness to receive abundance. Anything else you hear, is just propaganda. However, in order to increase gun sales, the NRA conceived “Stand Your Ground.” In the business of equality, Black Lives Matter was conceived. ¬†Gluttony vs Equality. Which one do you chose?

Luckily for me, I know that our corporate media apparatus is in the business of, “Divide And Conquer.” So, what a brilliant strategy to give the illusion that this gun violence is between the Police and BLM movement. Just watch five minutes of our cable news, and/or social media, to see the two sides lining up. Like I’d said, brilliant. This is the same playbook, originated in the 18th Century, that our corporate media apparatus, surprisingly, uses to this day. C’mon, here’s what you won’t ever hear from our corporate media apparatus, that there are three types of gun owners:

  1. The misinformed
  2. The intellectually Challenged
  3. The Predators who are always looking for the misinformed and intellectually challenged, in order to scam or swindle them.

I’ll tell you what, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea.