So, It Begins

Abundance is in the house and guess what, I’d invited her to stay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! C’mon, details of her visit will be posted tomorrow, be patient. Holy smokes, why wait, here’s the deal, I’m basking in her her generosity. Already, I’ve surrendered to her two powerful forces, peace and tranquility. All this after a semi-ego addicted episode in my life that occurred yesterday. OK, I’ll admit, it was a full-blown ego addicted episode. I was trying to minimize and it didn’t work for me. I’m I still worthy of abundance, you betcha!

That’s the thing about abundance, she flows effortlessly through me and it’s up to me to recognize her. Not only do I recognize her today, but I’m thrilled that she’s graced me with her good fortune. Although, I didn’t recognize her yesterday, because lets face it, she’s a illusionist at best, misinterpreted at worst. Once I’d lifted her thinly veiled scarf, there she was as peaceful and tranquil as ever. What a delight it was this morning knowing how fortunate I am. Bloggers are aligned with abundance, you feeling me? ;-D

I’m worthy of abundance