Adult Playgrounds

Ain’t no shame in my game! šŸ˜‰ I work hard and I play even harder. Don’t get me started!

Casinos are adult playgrounds built for fun. Well, truth be told, casinos are built for the casino owners to accumulate more wealth. I ain’t mad at cha. Winning a jackpot is fun for the casino players, so there’s always two sides to every coin.

Did you know that regular jackpot slot machines or non-progressive slot machines have a fixed jackpot? According to PartyCasino Blog:

Regular slots

As you will no doubt have figured out. EvenĀ regular slotsĀ have jackpots. So, what is the difference between them, and the typical ā€œjackpot slotsā€, then? Well, regular slots are frequently called non-progressive jackpot slots. The reason for this is that their jackpots are fixed. They are always worth the same amount, no matter how many times, or how frequently they are won.

I thought this gem was very interesting. From the online blog site, ‘’ by Michael Bluejay:

How long you have to play to get the jackpot

It takes weeks to years of full-time play to hit a slot jackpot, on average.Ā  At a brisk 800 spins per hour, that’s 6400 spins for a full day, or 32,000 spins for a full-time week, or 1,664,000 for a year (@ 40 hrs/wk).Ā  At that rate, here’s how long it would take to hit the jackpots of the games mentioned below.


Ā Average time to hit the jackpotĀ (800 spins/hr, 5 days/wk)
Jackpot Amount Odds Time to Hit
Red White & Blue 1000 coins 1 in 32,768 1 week
Double Diamond 2500 coins 1 in 46,656 1.5 weeks
Blazing 7’s electromechanical 20,000 coins 1 in 81,920 2.5 weeks
Blazing 7’s video 5000 coins 1 in 93,312 3 weeks
Phantom of the Opera 5000 coins 1 in 114,131
1 in 155,345
3.5 to 5 weeks
Red White & Blue 2400 coins 1 in 262,144 2 months
Double Strike 5000 coins 1 in 500,000 3.5 months
Hexbreaker 10,000 coins 1 in 562,209 4 months
Money Storm 10,000 to 50,000 1 in 2,188,411 1.3 years
Jackpot PiƱatas 5000 1 in 3,695,354 2.2 years
Lion Fish 5000 1 in 6,250,000 3.8 years
Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 10,000 to 50,000 1 in 8,107,500 5 years
Cleopatra (IGT) 10,000 1 in 16,605,000 10 years
Megabucks $8 to $33 million
1 in 49,836,032 30 years

Who would have ever thunk it?

Alrighty, there you have it, the truth and nothing but the truth.

Casino life is fun and also very educational. Told y’all that we’re worthy of abundance. Abundance is abundance.