‘Dinnergate’ Part Nine: Creating Disharmony

You’ll know when you’ve found your passion when others around you create disharmony towards you at an alarming rate. It’s called doubts. Doubts are an equal opportunistic employer. You’re not alone. You’re a hoodrat! 😉

Hold up bitch, I make being a hoodrat look good. I ain’t ashamed of being a hoodrat guru. It’s an honor. Hoodrats are worthy of earning millions of dollars per year. Trust me, live in the moment. How does it feel being a Millionaire? It feels exhilarating, right?

Holy shit, my brother’s hoodrat girlfriend was so rattled at being harshly judged at our 2018 FCDE, that she had my brother publicly lie while cementing her domination over him. Like I’d mentioned in my previous blog that less than twelve hours after our 2018 FCDE, my brother sent an unapologetic apology text to the Hostess with the Mostess. He boldly lied when he wrote, ‘Will pay you back for my family coming.” That was the hoodrat’s way of lettin’ us know she was figuratively giving us her middle finger. She ain’t fooling nobody. Truth is, she needs all the money she can get her grubby little hands on because her ego is lit. Hello, she did the only thing any good hoodrat would’ve done, play the victim role. That’s as hoodrat as you can be on a Sunday. I’m impressed by that one!

Sowing the seeds of a $30 Federal minimum wage law has its benefits. ‘Dinnergate’ was a lost treasure chest full of Diamonds, Silver, Rubies, and Pearls coin/jewelry that I’d found on the night of December 22, 2018. ‘Dinnergate’ was an early Christmas present. What can I say, ‘Dinnergate’ felt/feels exhilarating? I hope you feel the same way!

You won’t hear this on our corporate news media apparatus, but Trump and his cabal have no qualms paying for their mistresses to have access to a quality abortion while passing laws restricting women of color or economically challenged women to have access to a quality abortion. But the best part, Trump and his cabal are in bed with Religious Grifters and Pro-Life Grifters all anxiously waiting to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Where’s the uproar?