Did Melania Drop A Dime On Trump?

We all know Melania Trump can’t stand Donald Trump and the main reason is that Melania needs a black man to satisfy her lust. OK, as if that wasn’t enough drama going on in Trump’s world, Ivanka also needs a black man to satisfy her lust. Why do you think Trump hates black men?

Yeah baby, Trump not only lives with the brutal truth that he can’t satisfy a woman, just like every white supremacist on earth. So what does a failure like Trump do? He coerced con men like Barr, McConnell, etc…by blackmail. Then, in order to distract attention from his own perverted behavior, Trump goes full racist. But, the best part, the Republican Party and the corporate news media hold Trump in high esteem. I love it.

Why do I love it? This shit is too funny. C’mon, you’ll have to admit that Trump being the face of the Republican Party is hilarious. The party of Jesus kowtowing to Trump, holy shit, that is funny. Then we have those boyz in the pointed hoods masquerading as corporate news media owners kowtowing to Trump. A laugh a minute.

Trust me, I love being a Liberal/Democrat/Socialist in every way and every day.

Seriously, we could use a laugh or two in these moments of Trump’s illegal Presidency.