The GOPranos’ Plantation Plan, Opps I Meant The CWBA

Ice Cube’s CWBA contract is nothing more than Trump’s ‘Plantation Plan masquerading as a Platinum Plan masquerading as a Plantation Plan.’

Everyone and their mommas know that Trump and the GOP are mass murderers, they murdered over 200,000 Americans due to Trump’s incompetence and now Ice Cube is in bed with them.

NWA 2020 – Nee-Grows With Atrabiliousness

What’s next? Kanye and Ice Cube shuffling and jiving on FOXNEWS while singing mammy?

Wanna know how Trump and the GOP view Kanye West, Ben Carson, Bob Johnson, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Ice Cube and other Nee-Grows? They see them as the ‘Shuffling Sambos.’