Diseased Ridden Trump

If being a married man having sex with porn actresses was so great as Trump’s enablers want us to believe, then why isn’t Tiger Woods the POTUS? Enquiring minds want to know? 😉

Melania is truly living in a known Hell. Trump had unprotected sex with hundreds of women then shared all his STDs with Melania. That’s how little Trump respects his marriage to Melania. So, knowing that and feeling that, why would anyone believe Trump has their back. Enquiring minds want to know? 😉

Trump is a petri dish of toxic behavior. Anyone hitched to Trump’s wagon, I hope you like being betrayed. If Trump betrayed Melania hundreds of times, what makes you think Trump won’t betray you? Enquiring minds want to know? 😉

Laundering money for a foreign country has its benefits. Paying out hush money to hundreds of porn actresses is just one of those benefits. Hiring Russian prostitutes to pee on you is another benefit. Paying politicians to turn a blind eye to Trump’s unrivaled toxic behavior is another benefit. I ain’t mad at Trump, because Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, confederate flag waving, and porn-addicted Trump supporter scorned.