President Obama Was The GOAT

Now, do you see why Trump had to collude with Russia in order to steal the United States 2016 Presidential election? C’mon, Trump ain’t even in the realm of President Obama’s orbit. Trump’s brand is ‘LOSER.’

Everybody and their momma knew that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 Presidential election. Hello, Republicans had been stealing elections for some time, so it was evitable for a Loser like Trump to kowtow to Putin. Trump ain’t fooling nobody except those gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Republican losers.

Holy shit, elected Republican’s only agenda is helping the wealthiest among us accumulate more wealth. That and paying for their daughters, wives, and mistresses to get access to a quality abortion with taxpayer money.

Trump is the poster child for ‘Impeachment Man Walking.’  

Suffice it to say, I’d rather talk about President Obama’s achievements then Trump and the Republican Party’s destruction of America. The Republican Party had been on this road of destruction for decades. That’s why they only appeal to white supremacists. They know they can’t win a single election with just the white supremacist voters. Stealing elections is the new normal for the Republican Party.

Oh, I get why our corporate news media so obsessed with Losers like Trump? It’s called the merging of white supremacy, misogyny, and corporate news. Yeah, those corporate news media owners ain’t fooling nobody. They’re boyz in the pointed hood.

If you really want to get under Trump’s thin skin, just ignore him.

Making a $30 Federal minimum wage law your preferred topic of conversation while praising the Presidency of President Obama will send Trump in a tailspin back to Hell from where he came. You and I are worthy of abundance. Like when President Obama was President. Abundance is abundance. 🙂

China if you’re listening why don’t you get an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report and give it to MSNBC. I’m sure President Pelosi will show you her appreciation.