Cadet Bone Spurs Is The Spokesperson For ‘How To Get Away With F*King Hundreds Of Porn Actresses’

#cadetbonespurs used Melania’s vajayjay as a dumping ground for all of his infidelities. Melania is truly a shithole.

Pat Robertson betta get tested for STDs, just sayin’!

#cadetbonespurs and his cabal had unprotected sex with hundreds of porn actresses, then had unprotected sex with their insignificant others. How big of a fool is Melania?

As if that wasn’t enough, men like Trump pay out millions of dollars in hush money to hundreds of porn actresses. #GOPtaxscam is synonymous with hush money for porn actresses. Men like Trump felt entitled to tax cuts. They want us to believe that the American taxpayers should sacrifice and literally pay for Trump’s and men like Trump’s hush money. Why not? Trump and his cabal literally fuck hundreds of porn actresses, but figuratively fuck over everyone else.

The W. H. is nothing more than a money laundering brothel masquerading as the residency of the President.