World Leaders Laughed At Trump To His Face

How embarrassing is that? It’s so embarrassing that Trump went into his bags of tricks and pulled out sexism. The more we focus on Trump’s sexist behavior the less we focus on Trump’s recent public humiliation. C’mon, a room full of World Leaders at the UN laughed at Trump to his face.

It is true that physically Trump is a tiny mushroom of a man, but when it comes to public humiliation, Trump is a giant among men.

Ima be real, not only did Trump receive a colossal public humiliation, but all of Trump’s supporters felt Trump’s pain. They were and they’re still hurting. Their pain is thunder.

Trump went to the UN, bragged about his ‘accomplishments’ and the only thing he’d accomplished was being laughed at to his face. C’mon, you know all those World Leaders were probably thinking, “Does Pence know that Trump is cheating on him with Kim Jong Un?” 

Trump has the morals of an alley cat and he kowtows to Putin. Knowing that and feeling that it’s not hard to see that Trump is a laughingstock.