Helter Skelter Politics Part Nine: Pussycat League

Holy shit, Lindsey Graham is Lucianne Goldberg on steroids. I kid you not! This shit is lit. Oh, my bad, who’s Lucianne Goldberg? Well, this is a curve you didn’t anticipate. During the 1972 Presidential campaign, Ms. Goldberg was being paid $1000 per week to spy on McGovern and those around him. When recruited she was told that President Nixon was the mastermind. She didn’t hesitate following orders from Nixon.

Ms. Goldberg was also anti-feminism to the degree that in June 1973 Ms. Goldberg had attempted to derail the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment¬†by engaging in Watergate-style “dirty tricks” and by touring the country falsely telling women they would lose their husbands and rights to family support if the amendment was passed.

Suffice it to say, today Lindsey Graham is Lucianne Goldberg on steroids. He’s also in charge of the ‘Pussycat League.’ I can’t make this shit up! ūüėČ C’mon, folks, Helter Skelter Politics is here to stay. For Centuries, Conservatives/Republicans had been mastering Helter Skelter Politics. Hello, Lucianne Goldberg was held in high esteem by our corporate news media back then and for good reasons. Lucianne was also anti-Clinton.

From the online WikipediA:

Goldberg met Linda Tripp¬†in 1993 or 1994 while working on the proposal for the book on the death of Clinton aide Vince Foster.¬†The two women became friends, and in 1997 Goldberg advised Tripp to secretly record former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, talking about her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton.¬†Goldberg ‘mistakenly’ advised Tripp that it was legal to record phone conversations in Maryland without the consent of the other party

C’mon, as I live and breathe the practice of Helter Skelter Politics ran rampant decades ago among Nixon, Tripp, Starr, Goldberg, FOXNEWS, etc. However, today some of us feel discouraged, frustrated, angry, and upset that the 21st Century Charles Manson on steroids is getting away with wrongdoing. I feel you, his brand of Helter Skelter Politics had exhausted your life energy. Helter Skelter Politics is one of the greatest enemies of Democracy.¬† Don’t worry, be happy because all you have to do is¬†“Relax, sit back, pass the popcorn, and enjoy the show.”¬†Just subscribe to this blog to begin your journey of abundance.

Back to reality, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come because you and I are worthy of abundance. This is our time to shine.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it,¬†‘Make Gratitude Great Again.’