Helter Skelter Politics Part Eight: Mitch McConnel Is Linda Tripp On Steroids

Oh, my bad, during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Linda Tripp violated the privacy of Monica Lewinsky by audiotaping their phone conversations without Monica’s consent. Tripp maintained she acted out of “patriotic duty” and fortunately for Tripp, she was held in high esteem by our corporate news media. However, immediately after Bill Clinton’s eight-year Presidency ended, Tripp sued the Department of Defense and the Justice Department for releasing information from her security file and employment file to the news media in violation of the Privacy Act of 1974. OK, if this doesn’t convince you that Helter Skelter Politics was good then and today it has no boundaries, then I’d failed, but I’m not giving up. This shit is too funny.  😉

Now, do you see why I’m so adamant that Helter Skelter Politics ain’t going away? Our 21st Century Charles Manson on steroids is a master at Helter Skelter Politics.

Tripp would walk into a Tornado and proclaim the weather was nice. Mitch McConnell is Linda Tripp on steroids.

All I can say to you is, “Relax, sit back, pass the popcorn, and enjoy the show.” I ain’t mad at McConnell, because the brothels masquerading as our corporate new media hold McConnell in high esteem. C’mon, Linda Tripp was the Bella of the Ball at the brothels masquerading as our corporate news media. I ain’t gonna lie, this shit was/is lit! 😉

I feel that a $30 Federal minimum wage law is in the realm of possibilities. If we’re worthy of receiving an abundance of Helter Skelter Politics, then we’re just as worthy of receiving income equality.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Achieving Self-Mastery.’