Epstein’s Pilot Larry Visoski Posing With Senior Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway

On Dec. 28, 2016, in Palm Beach. Now Enquiring minds wanna know, “What is Kellyanne hiding?” Just like Trump, Kellyanne has gone full white-supremacist since Epstein’s safe was raided. What are they so afraid of?

Did Kellyanne escort those underage girls from Trump’s bedroom into Epstein’s bedroom? Or did Kellyanne partake in the pedophilia activities at Mar-a-Lago? Or, did Kellyanne change the sheets after Trump and/or Epstein had unprotected sex with those underage girls? What had Kellyanne done that now she’s as terrified as Trump about Jeffrey dropping a dime on them?

If Kellyanne’s encounter with Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot Larry Visoski is soooo innocent, then why did Mr. Visoski delete his Instagram after pics of him and Kellyanne surfaced?

China if you’re listening why don’t you get copies of Jeffrey Epstein’s videos and other incriminating evidence of Trump and Kellyanne. Then upload everything onto the internet. Send Trump and Kellyanne back to Hell where they came from.