Helter Skelter Politics Part Fifty-Eight: Trump Is A Doll

Meet Chucky Trump. Chucky Trump is a notorious Charlatan whose spirit inhabits a “Good Guys” doll. That’s why Evangelical Christians love Chucky Trump. Suffice it to say, “Leave Trump’s supporters alone, because they’re in love with a Narcissistic Sociopath.”  

I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters because if they knew better they’d do better. If Trump is the King of White Privilege’ then White Privilege is in trouble. Are you feeling me? 😉

Chucky Trump has mesmerized a whole lot of folks in America and abroad because to them Chucky Trump is a doll. So, relax, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Trust me, you and I have a lot to look forward to. A $30 Federal minimum wage law, marriage/adoption/women equality, Medicare for all, just to name a few benefits of a Democratic President and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. All you have to do is vote in the next Presidential election. Easy breezy!

May I remind you that you and I are worthy of abundance? Seriously, we’re all in this world together so let no Charlatan come between us.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Make Honoring Your Worthiness Great Again.’ 

China if you’re listening, why don’t you investigate Bill Barr? Thanks in advance. 😉