Trump’s Lolita Express

Jeffrey Epstein must have some very incriminating evidence against Trump for Trump to rely on racist tweets to distract our corporate news media again. C’mon, Trump makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy. Oh, and don’t get me started on the GOPers. Enquiring minds wanna know “How much incriminating evidence does Epstein have on them?” 

I’m betting Epstein has videos of all the GOPers sucking on Trump and swallowing. How much do you wanna bet?

What kind of freaky videos does Epstein have on Trump? It must be bad because Trump is using his same one trick, i.e., racism to distract. How many times will the corporate news media fall for Trump’s lame diversion tactics?

Oh, but wait, while Trump distracts the corporate news media with his racist tweets, there are some folks out there hating on Nancy Pelosi as much as Kellyanne Conway hates waiting for Ivanka to leave Trump’s bedroom. Somebody has to go in there and change those pee-stained sheets.

I heard there’s a new mammy in Trump’s world. Her name is Scherie Murray. I guess in between nursing Ivanka’s children, Trump will allow her to masquerade as a black Republican.

All aboard Trump’s Lolita Express.