Broke Ass Customers

Are either bullies or Grifters. Grifters harass retail workers for a way to illegally make money. Kudos to the Back Stabbing Bitch, for revealing one way Grifters illegally make money. By stealing merchandise, bringing it back to any store for a refund, then receives store credit and sell it (Exchange Card) online for a reduced rate. So, Americans looking to reap the benefits of this scam by purchasing those ill-gotten cards, remember this, “You reap what you sow.”
Look, I’m not naive, but recently when a young woman was participating in a scam, trying to return a large bedding set, with no identifying bar codes, no package description, just a bedding set in it’s original plastic bag, for cash. My first thoughts upon arriving at the register, where this young woman had been arguing with the Cashier to no avail, were, “Are you kidding me?,” and “What kind of an idiot thinks this pathetic scam will work?” More importantly, she was unwillingly or willingly teaching her craft to the three young impressionable children that accompany her and chances are, a new generation of Grifters crossed my path that day. If those children don’t choose a different path, they’ll grow up to be Grifters. Don’t get me twisted, there are plenty of friendly, respectful, and sane customers that retail workers encounter everyday and these customers can afford to shop. They dislike bad service as much as anyone, but the only difference, they don’t rush to judgement. Know this, every time you see a broke ass customer bullying a retail worker, a back stabbing bitch is not far behind.

Here’s the real deal, it’s challenging enough for retail workers to put up with being bullied everyday by their back stabbing supervisors, then these bully customers and/or Grifters pile on more bullshit because they know retail workers are an easy target. You better believe that back stabbing bitches are afraid of broke ass customers, but I’m not. Fortunately, broke ass customers are no more than 5% of the customer base, so, stay your broke ass home and find a new hobby.

You’ll need BIG cojones to work in Retail, trust me on this, because of the low wages and the high level of bullying from day one from back stabbing supervisors, bullying customers, and Grifters, sends thousands of employees running out the door. Who in their right mind would put up with that kind of abuse for less than a monthly welfare check? Don’t believe me, look at the turnover rate in retail.

Back Stabbing Bitches in retail don’t give a rat’s ass about their employee’s well being, they condone bullying their own employees and turn a blind eye to bullying customers and Grifters. The only thing they care about, is exactly what this entire corporation cares about, how many credit applications were opened. Yes, many customers might be surprised to know that like employees, they’re nothing more than a statistic.

The Coupon Scam…I thought Grifters off the street loved harassing retail workers, no, the Grifters working for this company apparently love it when customers harass retail workers over a coupon scam. Grifters masquerading as company Executives offer a ten ($10) dollar off or a twenty ($20) dollar off coupon to their customers based on a minimum purchase. But when their customer gets to the register and only after their purchases are rang up, they [customers] receives the,”The coupon didn’t work,” or what I like to say to myself, “They scammed you again, sucker,” after the customer hears that from the retail worker and depending on how irate the customer reacts, determines their [customer] compensation package. Let me just add this coupon scam debacle to the long list of bullshit retail workers endure, while struggling on low wages, so some Executives can get their freak on.