The Birth Of Misogyny

Was recorded in the Bible under the chapter titled, ‘The Book Of Genesis.’ Seriously, we’re supposed to believe that GOD made man in his image and called him Adam. Then GOD created a woman from one rib bone from Adam and called her Eve. However, Eve showed her appreciation by committing the first sin. She ate some forbidden fruit after being hypnotized by a serpent. For her crimes, Adam and Eve were banished from a utopia place called ‘The Garden of Eden.’ Oh, and by the way, Adam and Eve were White.

Oh, it gets betta! Because of Eve’s sins, all women were given the curse of childbearing. Look, I ain’t mad at Conservatives because they use religion as a weapon. C’mon, on Thursday, December 20, 2018, Congressional Republicans went back to their roots and blamed Nancy Pelosi for committing the first sin of chewing up and spitting out a serpent named Trump. She was great, wasn’t she? 😉

Here’s the truth, Adam ate the forbidden fruit, blamed Eve, and the rest is misogynistic history. Bible Lesson # 1: Republican’s true nature is blaming women to conceal their [Republicans] sins. It’s an old scam!

The good news, because of the Congressional Republican’s blatant misogynistic behavior, we’re one step closer to passing a $20 Federal minimum wage law in America. Amen!