Time For Putin To Collect Dues From The 1%

Who better than Putin to put fear and doubt into the 1%? C’mon, American workers had been and is being exploited by the 1%. Our wages had declined, our benefits desecrated, because the 1% competed for the most profits made in one year. As if that wasn’t enough, American worker’s standard of living, i.e. no healthcare, wasn’t even up for decision with the 1%. The 1% successfully transformed the word, ‘Union’ into an insidious word. The 1% attitude was, ‘Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?’ American workers won’t have a seat at the bargaining table, ‘Get the fuck out of here.’ In a perfect 1% world, workers are solely owned subsidiaries of Corporations. American workers have no bargaining power, ‘Get the fuck out of here.’

The dues Putin will collect from the 1% are a Blogger’s dream come true. Enquiring minds want to know, who will the 1% thank, after Russian tanks knock down the doors of the homes of the 1%, Russian soldiers will seized all the guns, handcuff all the families, and Putin will place them in one of his For Profit Private Prisons? The best part, Liberal didn’t lift one finger to defeat Republicans, because Putin did it for them.

Truth is the NRA was right. The Government is coming to take your guns. Putin’s Government that is. Even the NRA is not above betraying others. For the entire Presidency of President Obama, the NRA manipulated racists Americans by selling them a nightmare. The NRA had merged with Putin and threw racist Americans under the bu$. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do! 😉

Listen, I feel you, because I too at times feel powerless. It’s called, ‘Paying my dues.’ Knowing that and feeling that, is exactly why I’m advocating that every American worker receive livable wages and great benefits. Time for the 1% to pay their dues. Putin is the only one suitable for the job of collecting the dues from the 1%. Hey, Trump, you’re not the only one.

The only way the 1% can save themselves from imprisonment, is impeaching Trump.

Stay tune for more adventures of ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ A sizzling story of betrayal and revenge.