Umpa Lumpa Bitches At Work

Don’t Get Me Started

Umpa Lumpa bitches at work ain’t no joke. To all those bemoaning about the bad or no customer service, they’d received from businesses, well cry me a river. You get what you paid for. Meaning, low wages and deplorable work environments equal bad or no customer service. If you want great customer service, then pay for it. That means a $30 Federal minimum wage law. You can’t have it both ways!

The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Scam’s Club

For the low, low wage of $11 and some change, I was expected to complete the work of four full-time employees at the Walmart/Scam’s Club located at 7805 E 35th Ave, Denver, CO 80238. I’d worked there for approximately ten months before I was fired.

Trust and believe I’d emailed my concerns to the CEO of Walmart, local news channels, a local newspaper, and the Nat’l NAACP organization.  I wasn’t fucking around. Now you know why I was fired?

Let me give you some insights into what I’d experienced.

Two Umpa Lumpa bitches

masquerading as a supervisor and a manager at Walmart/Scam’s Club tried to intimidate my black ass. It all started during the first week of my employment and escalated during my 30-days job evaluation. That’s when the Umpa Lumpa bitch masquerading as a supervisor came up to me and began accusing me of working too slow.

My response to her at my 30 days evaluation was swift and to the point, “If I work too slow, then fire me and hire someone who works fast.” That Umpa Lumpa bitch must have been thrown for a loop because she scurred her dumb ass away as fast as she could. Oh, but it gets better. Within one week, that same Umpa Lumpa bitch with the help of another bitch was in my face trying to intimidate me. 

When Opportunity knocks on your door,

invite her in for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  It was obvious to me that the Umpa Lumpa bitch supervisor had told the manager what I’d said during my 30 days evaluation. If I work too slow then fire me and hire someone who works fast.”

So, this show of aggressive coming from both of them, towards me a week after my 30 days evaluation, was obviously planned. However, the opportunity for me to express my ‘Fuck you and that intimidating horse y’all came riding in on’ was knocking on my door. So, I’d told them, “You will not make me your scapegoat because you don’t do your job.” 

That was just the tip of the iceberg

Holy shit, verbal assaults, threats, and intimidations were the new normal in that work environment. I was actually told by a ‘Fixer’ after I’d complained about my hours, that although I was hired as part-time, Walmart/Scam’s Club could schedule me to work forty hours in one week. Now if that’s not the Practice of Slavery, what is?

Come back tomorrow, there’s more tea to spill…

$30 Federal Minimum Wage Law

Truth be told, those two Umpa Lumpa bitches and others had actually inspired me to advocate for a $30 Federal minimum wage law.  In my mind, American Workers are worthy of abundance.