Trump Said He Would Make Mexico Pay For His Wall

Trump was lying then just like he’s lying today. But, and here’s the best part, our corporate news media is back in love with Trump. Listen, this ain’t our corporate news media’s first rodeo of falling in love with Trump. No, this is the umpteenth time and I’ll go further, it won’t be the last time. Seriously, every time Trump opens his mouth, he’s lying, but lying is the new¬†normal. Hello, have you heard of FOXNEWS? I rest my case! Even Stevie Wonder could see that Trump is a sniveling bitch-ass coward. Trump cried, “President Obama is the big bad wolf,”¬† and that shit is a rating juggernaut. I ain’t mad at our corporate news media for falling in love with Trump again.

If Trump is so tough, then he’d make Mexico pay for his wall. Am I right? So then, until Trump does what he said he would do, you know, make Mexico pay for his wall, I won’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

Hey Conservatives, I hate to burst your bubble, but Trump is afraid of Michael Avenatti. C’mon, Guiliani? Just a little reminder of the real Guiliani and the real Trump. Trump grabbed Guilliani’s p**** a long time ago just like he grabbed our corporate news media’s p****.