Helter Skelter Politics Part Twenty One: President Pelosi With Democratic Majorities In The House & Senate

Holy shit, I’m elated about the Mueller Report. C’mon, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a President Pelosi is already here. I’ll be the first to admit that President Pelosi makes up for what happened on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Hey, shit happens to all of us!

Now a word from our Predictable news desk…It seems that Trump sics another ‘Fixer’ to do his dirty work. This time Trump is desperately trying to keep his damaging tax returns hidden from the public. Does this mean that Trump’s supporters are on, ‘High Alert?’ Meaning, a mega-truth storm is coming and it will expose Trump and his cabal for what they really are, i.e. Charlatans. Resignations from Trump, Pence, and several House/Senate Republicans are forthcoming.

Can you really blame Trump and the Pussycat League, aka House/Senate Republicans for furiously concealing the Mueller Report? Enquiring minds wanna know, “Who will FOXNEWS blame for Trump’s and Pence’s resignations?” My monies on….. 😉

Back to reality because sowing and cultivating a $30 Federal minimum wage law in America has its benefit$. Just sayin’!

As always, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Make Democracy Great Again.’