This shit is funny. Oh, and before y’all on the fake Religious side try to shame me, know this, I’m the Ann Coulter on the far left side. I write shit about Republicans to make money. Kiss my grits! 😎

Here we go!

Holy shit, elected Republicans have no qualms paying for their mistresses, wives, and daughters to get access to a quality abortion paid for with taxpayer money. However, this shit gets funnier. Those same boyz in the white pointed hoods passed legislation restricting other women the same privilege. C’mon, that’s funny. OK, if you thought that was not funny, what about this gem? Republicans want everyone to believe they’re Pro-Life. Hold up, it gets even funnier. Because those same Stepford wives who have no qualms getting an abortion paid for with taxpayer money, publicly support those boyz in the white pointed hoods at every opportunity. Where’s the outrage? 😉

There are abortion Doctors around the world making millions of dollars performing abortions paid for by shady Republicans using taxpayer money. Talk about collusion, our corporate news media apparatus wants us to believe Republicans are ‘Christians.’ 🤣🤣🤣

What the corporate news media apparatus won’t tell us, that this shady story is actually about how the Pro-Life Charlatans in America are a dime a dozen. And, how all this shady, underhanded, slight of hand behavior is motivated by money and power.

Told y’all, this shit is funny! I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

Come back tomorrow for some more shady drama Republican style.

Listen, I’m laughing too hard, gotta go and show some love to my body by doing some strengthening exercises.

Remember, you and I are worthy of abundance.