Guess Who Was Waiting For Me At The Casino?

The Messenger of Misery and her sister, Murphy’s Law. They made sure I’d felt every part of their ass whooping.

The two slot machine players sitting immediately to my left and right were winning big time. Not me. All I got was an ass whooping. That shit was hilarious.

OK, now I know how others feel sitting next to me and I’m winning and they’re not winning. It explains why they hurry up and leave.

I ain’t gonna lie, I’d felt a twinge of jealousy for a brief moment. However, I didn’t leave until my money ran out, but that experience was a jackpot for me. I was able to laugh about my ass whooping then and I’m laughing at it now. Jackpots come in all dimensions. 🥰

The truth is that you and I are worthy of abundance.