How Would You Feel?

If you won a significant jackpot at the casino? Let’s say $50,000 or more!

As for me, I would feel surprised while staring at the slot machine’s screen in disbelief.  Then I’d feel happy, happy, joy, joy.

What if you had a knowing that you were going to win a huge jackpot? I’m talkin’ about knowing days in advance. Would you feel happy from that moment until you actually won the jackpot? Is there such a thing as knowing you’re going to win a jackpot? Enquiring minds wanna know? 😉

I’m just trying to figure out this casino life and how I can stay motivated knowing that losing is a big part of playing on slot machines. I’d seen enough videos to conclude that every player goes through a drought of some sort on a slot machine. The question I have is, “When do you know it’s time to cash out and walk away from a slot machine?” 

For me, the time to cash out and walk away from a slot machine is during endless spins of losing money. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience, or in some cases, I’m not feeling aligned with the slot machine.

Casino life is the life for me. Not bad for a Hoodrat like thee. 😉

In closing, I just wanna say, “You and I are worthy of abundance and sowing the seeds of success has its benefits.” Just sayin’.