There Will Be No Apology When The GOP Abandons The Birthers

Conservatives are well versed in vilifying Democratic politicians if only for one reason, they’re jealous. C’mon, you didn’t think I’d noticed, especially after Republicans failed to secure the 2016 Presidential election with Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression. Three huge failures and I mean HUGE, in terms of all the money, time and effort. It must be hell watching Donald Trump and Ben Carson, two unstable candidates leading the field in the Republican primaries. After all the uproar about not taking Trump and Carson seriously, Trump has been leading since his announcement back in June of 2015, while Ben Carson surged in the last month or so. Talk about egg on their faces, I mean all those political pundits smugly predicting Trump’s and now Carson’s demise in the GOP polling. The best part, watching the rest of the 2016 GOP candidates pretend that the rejection from Republican voters doesn’t hurt their egos. Not only are their egos deflated, but their unwillingness to accept reality is comical. The Emperor’s new clothes comes to mind.

While I’m not surprised that Americans from all walks of life are Birthers. You know, easily manipulated voters, doomed to living in denial and fear for the rest of his/her life. I don’t envy them, just waiting to see how they’ll handled abandonment when the general election commence. Right now, they’re queens and kings to the GOP candidates, but believe me, when the general election commences, Independent and Hispanic voters will be courted by the GOP and the abandonment phase will begin for Birthers. You heard it here first.