Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread

I’m laughing at Trump’s naiveté, because of his rash and inexperienced he will always attempt things that wiser people like President Obama are more cautious of. So, now you know, that Trump’s electoral Presidency was built on sand. It felled with a great crash. The End!

Felicia is in the house. Her favorite subject, Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Felicia is a mirror image of me, cause she knows all about betrayal and revenge, so she doesn’t judge Trump or his cabal. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. The only way Trump can escape his desires, is to betray and/or seek revenge against others. Oh, and by the way, Trump is jealous of his daughter’s husband. So when I tell you, that Trump’s inner-circle is stacked with Saboteurs, do you believe me? Is it just me, or don’t you think that Trump’s propensity at betraying others, and/or seeking revenge against others, and being jealous of his competition, is a recipe for disaster? Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a story about forbidden love gone awry. How our corporate news media merged with Misogyny and White Supremacy decades ago, and paved the path for a Trump electoral Presidency. How, Et tu, Brute, were spoken by Trump when he’d realized just who had sabotaged him and paved the way for a Trump impeachment. Hey Trump, isn’t it ironic that the impeachment you and the Republican Party planned for our first African-American President by way of birtherism, proved to be your downfall, and the Republican Party’s downfall, not his. Opps!

Trump and his cabal recently took credit for some business deal that made Bernie Madoff’s schemes look legit. But, and here’s the best part, it proves my point, that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Word on the street is that Romney climb into Trump’s man cave, bump into Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter and sang, “It’s gettin’ hot in heere, so take off all your clothes.” And they responded, “I am gettin’ so hot, imma take my clothes off.”