Hoodrat Nation Part One: ‘Dinnergate’ Beget Hoodrat Nation

Success begets further success. Hoodrat Nation is synonymous with success. Hoodrats live in the moment. How does it feel being a Millionaire? Alright, you can thank me later!

In conclusion, ‘Dinnergate’ was one big hoodrat festival. It had the makings of a Tyler Perry movie. Enquiring minds want to know, “Who would play the hoodrat with the five (5) illegal guest?” Oh shit, I betta put the finishing touches on my next book titled, ‘Dinnergate.’ It won’t be long before Hollywood will be knocking on my door! 😉 You know I live by the Hoodrat’s Playbook rule #1, ‘When Opportunity knocks, invite her in for breakfast, lunch, and Dinnergate.’ 😉

This ain’t my first rodeo bitch. This hoodrat took on some ‘Good Ole Boys’ in the workplace. It all went down during my one-year employment with a major public school organization working as a Custodian. Biblically speaking, dem ‘Good Ole Boys’ had a snowball’s chance in Hell against this hoodrat. Don’t believe me? I wrote a book about it.

Now, you can thank me! But also, come back tomorrow and I’ll share with you the dramatic climax of this story. It was brilliant on this hoodrat’s part!

A $30 Federal minimum wage law in America has its benefits. Because hoodrats are worthy of abundance too.

The purpose of Trump’s Presidency is to enjoy it. It’s a laugh a minute. C’mon, Trump’s 2018 Government Shutdown is just Trump’s umpteenth tantrum since he was illegally elected as POTUS. But the best part, Trump’s tantrums are a rating juggernaut for our corporate news media. I ain’t mad at our corporate news media. Our corporate news media CEO’s are in bed with Trump and they can’t wait to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Where’s the uproar? 😉