Casino Life Interrupted Day Three

To think, I was just gettin’ acclimated to playing penny slot machines after months of thumbing my nose at them. Then the coronavirus put a halt to that too.

However, the monies designated for my casino fund were deposited into my savings/credit card accounts this morning. Let me tell you, that felt amazingly uplifting. Lord knows I need to save more and spend less when it comes to money. So it’s true, “When a door closes a window opens.”

Holy shit, I’d recieved an email from one of the casinos that I frequently go to. It was desperately trying to minimize the threat of the coronavirus. Listen, I’d felt skeptical after reading that email because I’m still under the impression that if your business allows customers to smoke cigarettes your business doesn’t give a rat’s ass about protecting the majority of your customers. So, spare me your lame ass concerns.

Stay tune for more adventures of Casino Life Interrupted.