Republicans constructed elaborate lies to conceal from the Tea Party the destructive nature of their true priorities, i.e. to help a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth. Just like Bernie Madoff preyed on vulnerable investors the Republicans preyed on the racist, homophobic, and paranoid Tea Party.

The basic manipulative strategies of the Republican Party are as following:

Evaluation, i.e. determine a potential victim’s (Tea Party) weak points (racism, homophobia, and paranoia) and use those weak points to seduce.

Manipulation, i.e. collaborate with a toxic misinformation labyrinth, FOXNEWS, Conservative talk radio, WSJ, Drudge Report, etc… to gain the trust of their victims

Abandonment, i.e. abandon their victims and move on to someone else. In the case of political relationships, the Republicans had decided the Tea Party movement is no longer useful and have set their next target on scamming Latinos via their ventriloquist dummy Marco Rubio.