Who Dropped A Dime On Trump?

Let me tell you how Trump’s illegal Presidency will end. Someone in Trump’s inner-circle will drop a dime on Trump. C’mon, everyone knows that nobody in Trump’s inner-circle is trustworthy. Besides that, everyone in Trump’s inner-circle can’t stand Trump. They hate Trump as much if not more than some Liberals out there.  Holy shit, it was just a matter of time before someone betrayed Trump bigly.

Seriously folks, would I lie to you? 😉 That’s just one of the reasons I’m grateful for being a Democrat. Another reason is that I won’t have to live with the knowledge that I’d supported Trump. That alone is a huge blessing. So yeah, I feel extremely happy this morning about the Democratic platform of honoring every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Does it get any better than that?

OK, so my monies on the She-Devil who will drop a dime on Trump. Why? Because she’s the only person Trump trusts and, this is the best part, she learned the art of betrayal from the best. C’mon, bringing down the third most corrupt man in politics in the 21st Century is worth a fortune today. The only question I have is which young actress will receive the nod to portray the She-Devil in the movie?

I’m looking forward to our future and I feel very optimistic that soon America will replace Trump with a Democratic President and Democrats will also control the House and Senate. What say you?