Wicked King Ahab’s and Queen Jezebel’s Betrayal

Trump’s taxes reveal many unholy things about Trump and Ivanka but the one I find interesting is how Trump betrayed his supporters for the umpteenth time.

You and I know that Trump’s supporters felt shocked, frustrated, embarrassed, and humiliated when news of Trump’s tax returns became public. Trump and his queen (Ivanka) played Trump’s supporters like a fiddle.

Oh, I know that in order to save face, Trump’s supporters will pretend in public that Trump’s tax returns are fake. But behind closed doors, Trump’s supporters are slamming their fists into the walls.

My intuition told me on September 6, 2020, that something unholy about Trump was coming and so I wrote a book and published it on September 19, 2020, titled: UNGODLINESS The Church Of Conservatism by Alexandra King.

Please pick up your copy from Amazon.com.

I’ll give you a preview of the table of contents:


The Church Of Conservatism


Forward. 2

Chapter One: Failure Is Part of Success. 3

Chapter Two: When Life Hands You Lemons Make A Lemon Meringue Pie  13

Chapter Three: A True “King Among Men”. 19

Chapter Four: Trumpism.. 30

Chapter Five: The Republican’s Abortion Scam.. 53

Chapter Six: The Black Ann Coulter. 58

Chapter Seven: Ungodliness. 62

Chapter Eight: Seize And Confuscate. 68

Chapter Nine: Come One Come All 70

Chapter Ten: Poking The Bear. 73

Chapter Eleven: Is It Just Me?. 76

Chapter Twelve: Whoomp There It Is. 79

Chapter Thirteen: Unrequited Love. 83

Chapter Fourteen: BLACK LIVES MATTER. 85

Chapter Fifteen: Angel vs. Mere Mortals. 90