Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Enquiring minds wanna know. Seriously, I’m a creature of habit, I always go back to the same slot machines after a win, believing that lightning will strike twice.

Well, today I went back to the same quarter slot machine that was ‘hot’ for me yesterday. ‘Hot’ as in winning credits more than losing credits. Guess what? It was ‘hot’ again. Also, I was down to the second to the last spin, and won a significant amount of credits. Trust me, that was fun. Although I walked away with no money, the experience was worth it’s weight in gold.

There’s an old saying, “If you possess happiness, you possess everything.” Well, I did walk away feeling happy, because I know I’m one day closer to winning another jackpot.

Casino players around the world, you and I are worthy of jackpots. Trust and believe. 🥰