Jackpots Are Contagious

I ain’t gonna lie. After winning a $540 jackpot, I was excited, thrilled, and wanted another one.

Yeah, I’d been told not to push my luck, but I wasn’t listening to those naysayers. I went for it.

After spending $200 dollars and coming up empty, I’d decided to leave with $300 dollars. On my way out the door, I’d decided to spend $5 dollars on a penny slot machine. To be exact, a Willie Nelson slot machine. I’d went with a whopping 60 cent per spin. Low and behold, on my third spend, I’d managed to hit the bonus. Five playing card appeared on the screen with various credit amounts. Well, long story short, the cards were shuffled and turned around so you couldn’t see the fronts and I had to make a choice and yeah, I’d managed to select the card with the 15,000 credits. That translated into $150 dollars.

I wasn’t done. I went back to the 25 cent slot machine and won $130 + dollars and walked away with a total of $500 dollars last night.

It was a night of fun. Hello, you and I are worthy of abundance.