This Slot Machine Is Cold

Linguistic code for “I fuckin’ picked the wrong slot machine.” How demoralizing is it to be rejected spin after spin? To watch the symbols on the slot machine screen appear to taunt you. If you’re like me, then tears start to weld up in your eyes because you feel the pain of defeat.

I’m sure many slot machine players can relate to this scenario. I’d inserted $100 dollars into a quarter slot machine, played maximum credit, i.e., three quarters and only won 6 credits and half my money was gone. You do the math. Yeah, that slot machine was cold.

On the flipside, jackpot$. Winning big money playing on slot machines has its benefits. I’m speaking for myself when I say that at best winning money on slots is instance gratification. That and it’s contagious.

Trust and believe that you and I are worthy of abundance. I’m looking forward to winning more jackpots. Are you? 😉