The Seven Strange Habits Of Gamblers

I’m talkin’ about my peeps, i.e , slot machine players.

#1 The Voodoo Player. He/she touches the slot machine screen in a weird and unnatural way.

#2 The Chantress. He/she chants while playing and trust me it’s annoying.

#3 The Bully. He/she literally attacts the slot machine by forcefully hitting the ‘spin’ button and/or screen. Or they’re verbally abusive towards the slot machine. They scare me.

#4 The Ungrateful Player. He/she endlessly and publicly bemoans at the slot machine. Even if they win it’s never enough.

#5 The Social Club Player. He/she is the person sitting next to you who initiates unwanted conversations for whatever reason. Or they’re with their posse of two or more people all standing around acting like cheerleaders for the one person playing the slot machine.

#6 The Inpatient Player. He/she either sits or stands in front of a slot machine, plays a few spins then leaves. Sometimes, to the next slot machine repeating this behavior.

#7 The Multi-tasker. He/she plays two slot machines at the same time.

Then there’s maude. I’m sitting in front of a slot machine laughing because the shit is funny.

No matter what, you and I are worthy of abundance. I’ll see you in the winner’s circle.