Jackpots Are Unlimited

Whatcha talking about Willis? I’m sayin’ that money and life’s jackpots are unlimited.

Listen, gambling is just one way to receive unlimited money jackpots. I’m retired, but don’t get it twisted, I’d been employed since I was fourteen years old and had several money ‘jackpots.’ From refinancing our home to cashing out a 401K account. One could say I’m use to receiving large sums of money.

However gambling will kick your ass over and over again. It’s not for the timid or weak.

So, why do I keep going back to the casinos? For the thrill of victory. At my age, gambling is like a roller coaster ride. It’s fun.

Trust me when I say I have a history of being a thrill chaser. Throughout most of my work history I’d challenged the status quo. I’d stood up to those oppressors masquerading as co-workers, supervisor, or managers. That was fun.

Confession time. I was a terrible mother to my children. Not on purpose. However, the power of forgiveness coupled with my positive attitude will be my legacy. You really do get better with age.

You and I are worthy of abundance. Enough said!