The Inhuman Treatment Of Kids Kidnapped, Caged, And Tortured By Trump And His Allies.

I’d like to see Melania Trump publicly denounce the cruel and inhuman treatment of immigrant kids her husband kidnapped, caged and tortured at the border.  This fake rage over a pun made on Barron Trump’s name ain’t fooling nobody. Melania and others are really upset over the world laughing at Trump. They’re using Barron Trump to elicit sympathy because Trump is an embarrassment of riches.

Listen, picking a highlight from all of Trump’s embarrassing moments is hard, but when there are videos of world leaders laughing at Trump, you and I know, we’re not alone when it comes to knowing that Trump is an embarrassment of riches.

Trump is living up to his reputation:


We all know that Trump and his allies don’t give a rat’s ass about kidnapping, caging, and torturing immigrant children. This fake over Barron Trump is just a diversion.