If House/Senate Republicans Don’t Impeach/Remove Trump

Trust and believe Trump will seek revenge against House Democrats for impeaching him by initiating a nuclear war and then blaming Democrats for it. That’s how mentally unstable Trump is.

If House/Senate Republicans refuse to impeach/remove Trump from office, then their lives, their families’ lives, you and I will be faced with nuclear war.

By now everyone knows that Trump is a Narcissistic Sociopath who believes he is above the law. He surrounds himself with ‘Yes’ men/women, and up till now, Trump had never been held responsible for his corrupt behavior. Seriously, what do you think Trump will do if House/Senate Republicans don’t impeach/remove him from office?

Trust me when I say that FOXNEWS and those fake Conservative Religious Leaders are playing with fire but the sad part is that those folks at FOXNEWS and those fake Conservative Religious Leaders would probably love to see a nuclear war. They probably believe Trump will save them from any harm. That’s how mentally unstable they are.

Trump is so revengeful and mentally unstable that initiating a nuclear war won’t bother him one bit. He believes that hype about being god and therefore believes that he and Ivanka will survive a nuclear war.

If Trump and Pence don’t resign, then their corrupt behavior will only get worse. Unfortunately, the faith of the world is in the hands of the House and Senate Republicans. Yet, they keep defending Trump and Pence.

Trump’s ultimate revenge, i.e. nuclear war. Better start preparing for a nuclear war. Just sayin’!

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