3rd Jackpot

I took this pic on Monday, October 14, 2019, @ 7:47pm while waiting for the attendant. Yeah, I did pay taxes on my $2400 jackpot because I don’t fuck around with Uncle Sam, and I took $1000 and put it towards my Christmas fund. But, today, I don’t have any of the other $800 and some change. Why? Because I went back to the casino several times and had zero results, spent money on my grandkids, and paid for food and other household items.

But here’s the most revealing admission. I didn’t know about the unwritten rule about tipping the Attendant after he/she pays you out your jackpot winnings. Seriously, I didn’t know. Now I do. So, today I feel guilty on top of feeling demoralized, unlucky, isolated, and stupid.

Don’t get it twisted, Casino Life is fun but it also has its ups and downs. Trust and believe.

However, you and I are worthy of Abundance and don’t let a drought at the casino get you down. It’s only temporary.

Remember Infinite Patience produces immediate results.