The Real Housewives Of The GOP Yippie Ki Yay Birther Bitches

Trump is an impeached man walking if he and Pence don’t resign sooner not later. Mitch McConnel, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes and the other Real Housewives of the GOP are clutching their pearls anxiously awaiting the other impeachable phone calls Trump made to Putin and the Saudis to be publicly exposed.  Those bitches won’t have a knee to stand on.

Meanwhile, Rudy Guiliani the world’s oldest living heart/brain donor keeps making a fool of himself (which is not hard for him to do) and he’s very entertaining. Keep doing what you’re doing Rudy.

So in conclusion, the Birther King and the Birther’s are finally receiving their comeuppance. Trump is an impeached man walking. LMAO