The Messenger Of Misery

Yeah, the Messenger of Misery came knocking on my door and I’d invited her in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’d been back to the casino almost every day and got my ass handed to me virtually every time. Meaning I didn’t win a jackpot or even come close to winning a jackpot.

OK, enquiring minds wanna know what’s a person like me gonna do?. Well, for one thing, I will not abandon my quest for winning more jackpots at the casino. This slump just proves that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Realistically, whoever you are, and whatever you’re trying to succeed,  the messenger of misery and murphy’s law will double team your ass and make you want to crawl into a corner and slump into a fetal position. That’s when you gonna said to yourself, “I’m worthy of success.” 

Listen, I have some very toxic family drama, some personal doubts, and I’m gettin’ my ass kicked at the casino. Well, to be truthful, for the past two days, my luck at the casino improved. So here’s to gettin’ pass the tough times and back on the saddle of success.