Seriously, it’s bad enough that the writing on Queen Sugar changed from interesting into a tired, stupid-ass, and ludicrous soap opera, but all those goddamn commercials during the commercial breaks are obnoxious, tedious, and bullshit.

OK, this is not the only channel that has double-digit commercials during each commercial break, but it’s the reason why I watch more ‘Prime TV’ these days. So, fuck you, Queen Sugar, I won’t be watching come next season.

Oh, and one more thing, why in the Hell does every Black drama show eventually start looking like a stupid-ass reality TV show? Scandal, HTGAWM, Empire, Green Leaf, and now Queen Sugar just to name a few. They all start off great then turn into a laughable third rate soap opera. Just pisses me off.

I guess I should be happy that those terrible ‘Dallas’ type drama shows aren’t dominating the TV schedule. But does every black drama show have to turn into a mockery? Enquiring minds wanna know!