Chucky Beats Yucky

Jon Gruden handed Vic Fangio a world-class ass-kicking on Monday Night Football. But don’t blame Mr. Fangio, he’s a yucky coach which is the norm for John Elway. C’mon, when will those die-hard Broncos fans realize that John Elway is a dud, a has-been, a saboteur, and he sucks as general manager and President of Football Operations of the Denver Broncos. OK, don’t shoot the messager. 😉

Even after one of the Real Housewives of the NFL, i.e., Antonio Brown got his comeuppance from Chucky, Vic Fangio was obviously next in line.

Not sure if Chucky and the Raiders will win the SuperBowl, but at this rate, he’s worth watching. Hey Chucky, I’ll see you inside the winner’s circle.