Knee-Grows Are Jealous Of Jay-Z

Jay-Z got 99 problems but a jealous Knee-Grow ain’t one! Get a life already, you broke ass Knee-Grows jealous of Jay-Z’s success. Seriously, if Jay-Z came up to your face, you’d be kissing his shoes, so happy that Jay-Z gave you the time of day.

It’s always the jealous Knee-Grows that can’t mask their jealousy towards others especially towards Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They [Jealous Knee-Grows] act like Jay-Z stole money from them. All I can say to those jealous Knee-Grow, “Fuck you and that jealous broke ass horse you came riding in on” 

Do you jealous Knee-Grows really believe that Jay-Z gives a rat’s ass about what you think of him? C’mon, your criticism of Jay-Z and his NFL collaboration felled on deaf ears.

Listen, I could go on and on about how jealous Knee-Grows are a laughingstock, but I could use a good laugh daily so keep doing what you’re doing.


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