Charley Boudreaux

As in ‘Queen Sugar.’ Is it just me or do you also see that the character ‘Charley Bordelon West’ had no chemistry with the characters ‘Davis West’ or ‘Remy Newell’ and has no chemistry with ‘Romero.’ Seriously, the only, and I mean the only character ‘Charley Bordelon West’ has chemistry with is ‘Jacob Boudreaux.’ C’mon, tell me I’m wrong.

I love, love, love the storyline about Nova’s book exposing all the secrets that plagued her family. However, and I know this might sound strange, but I understand Nova’s reasoning for writing her book and I understand her family’s reactions to having their personal secrets revealed so publicly. In other words, this storyline was well written.

I’m starting to warm up to the character ‘Darla’ especially after her scenes at the end of episode 4, season 4. Her confrontation with ‘Nova’ then her breaking down in ‘Ralph Angel’s arms was spot on.  Now if the writers can just put Jacob and Charley together romantically, or better yet, a quickie marriage. That would send tremors throughout the Landry household. Now, that’s a scene (Jacob and Charley announcing their marriage to Samuel Landry), I would enjoy watching. It’s time for Samuel Landry to receive some comeuppance.

Oh, and a Jacob and Charley offspring would send Samuel Landry to the ICU.

Oh, don’t get me started on David Alan Grier’s portrayal of ‘Jimmy Dale’. All I can say is please, bring him back. He’s one of those characters that you just love to hate. Plus, good guy Hollywood needs a bad villain to battle.

Ok, and by the way, Kofi Siriboe (Ralph Angel) is FINE to a T. Especially when he smiles which is not often, but I get it because of his storyline.

Holy shit, Ethan Hutchison’s portrayal of Blue Borderlon is worthy of an Emmy award for Outstanding Young Actor in a dramatic series. If only!






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