The Desire To Win

Versus the agony of defeat. Ever wonder why we feel so alone in our moment of defeat? It’s a lonely feeling that’s why. Whenever I ‘win’ at anything I release a contagious vibe that others are instinctively attracted to. Winning is a good vibration whereas defeat is a bad vibration. C’mon, we avoid defeat internally and externally.

Speaking for myself, my defeats manifest into feelings of anger, frustrations, and unworthiness. Especially at the casino. But, I think I’ve found a solution. Because watching jackpot videos on YouTube shed some light on winning jackpots. It did I swear to GOD. You see, it’s not just me, everybody playing on a slot machine goes through a drought. Meaning they lose money (AKA defeat) before they win a jackpot.

Since I haven’t won a jackpot, enquiring minds wanna know, “Am I due to winning a significant jackpot?” C’mon, lately I’d shared with you that I’d gone through a drought. Just sayin’. 😉

Time will tell and that leads me to this revelation. I’m excited about my future and I’m optimistic about where this casino journey will take me. One thing I know for sure is that you and I are worthy of abundance.

I know I’m speaking to the choir but:

Please Gamble Responsibly




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