$100 Slot Machines

I can’t be absolutely sure if the slot machine jackpot video I saw yesterday was authentic, but the player betted $100,000 per spin. OK, he did end up winning a jackpot over one hundred million dollars and I’m still not if the video was real, but it was fascinating to watch.

I can’t imagine bettin’ $100,000 per spin. That’s crazy. I thought bettin’ $5 per spin was too much. Oops, I was wrong.

I’ll stick to bettin’ on the one cent, twenty-five cent, and one dollar slot machines for now. But you betcha, I’d love to graduate and bet on a five dollar, ten dollar, or twenty-five dollar slot machine. In due time my pretty! 😉

Ima say it again,

Please gamble responsibly

Don’t get me started!

Remember that you and I are worthy of abundance so knowing that and feeling that, go live your best life.

Casino life if fun!